Educational work

The educational process of the College is organized, plans for the organization of educational work are developed, the work on the implementation of curricula and training programs by teachers is coordinated, as well as the development of educational and methodical documentation necessary to ensure the quality of the educational process, provides new approaches to its organization.

Quality control of educational process, implementation of curricula and programs is carried out. Works on preparation and carrying out of the current control, intermediate and final certification of the trained are organized. 

Educational and methodical work

The educational and methodical work of the college is organized and planned, the subject (cyclic) methodical commissions, reporting documents on scientific and educational and methodical work prepared.

 Teaching staff is assisted in the development of author programs, textbooks, educational literature, organized work on the preparation of methodical offices of regional (city) departments of education, collections, instructions and other publications on scientific and educational work with publications. Provides improvement of educational process, development and introduction of new technologies of training, organization of work on professional development and certification of teachers. Provides accounting, safety and replenishment of educational and methodical base.

Socially educational work

Plans and actions for the organization of socially educational work are developed, provide the current and strategic plans of vocational guidance work, exercises control of their execution. Group leaders, librarians, masters of industrial training and teachers of additional education of  sports and improving and art and aesthetic orientation is coordinated.

Organizes the work on the elaboration of methodical documentation on educational work, preparation and holding of cultural and educational activities; carries out systematic monitoring of the quality of the educational process, work groups, sections and other types of educational work, individual educational work with children with deviant behavior.

Improved content, forms and methods of social work. The work is aimed at the formation of Patriotic, civil, international, high moral and ethical feelings, the development of comprehensive interests and abilities of students. Organized work with orphans and children without parental care protects their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Also work is being done on prevention of offenses among teenagers. Interaction with representatives of the public and law enforcement agencies, parents and parent committees of activities and structures of educational organizations, representatives of the administration, providing the educational process, is coordinated. Provides a favorable moral and psychological climate in the organization of education and the report on the results of educational activities are issued.

Training and production work

Training and production work is planned and coordinated. Carries out control and analysis of educational and production, methodical work. The preparation of materials for scheduling classes and monitoring their implementation.

Supervises the work of senior masters of industrial training, masters of industrial training, managers of industrial, professional and undergraduate practice. Organizes and carries out the final qualifying examinations of College graduates.

 Innovative and developing elements of education is studied, distributed and introduced into practice. Work is organized to ensure the accounting, storage and replenishment of educational and material resources, compliance with sanitary and hygienic regimes, and rules of labor protection, safety in workshops and in the workplace. The established reporting documentation is being prepared.

Maintenance department

Current and capital repairs of fixed assets (buildings, water supply, ventilation systems, etc.), cost estimates. Repair of premises is underway, quality of repairs is monitored. It is provided with furniture, economic stock, means of mechanization of engineering and administrative work, their safety and timely repair is controlled.

Documents necessary for the conclusion of the contract for service, acquisition and storage of office equipment, necessary economic materials, equipment and inventory are made out, equipment by their structural divisions, and also their expenditure and drawing up the established reporting is organized. The effective use of materials and funds transferred for economic purposes is monitored.. Economic services are provided for seminars and other events, conferences and meetings. Provides performance of firefighting measures and readiness of firefighting equipment. Takes measures on introduction of organizational and computer equipment, means of communication. Ensures compliance by employees of safety rules and labor protection, requirements of fire safety.